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Default Re: Was Hitler a "British" Agent?

The Holohoax is the cash cow of the jews
The strong arguments begin in Mein Kampf and end in photos and witnesses. Did zionists forged Hitlerīs book ??
Nowadays, we know that the jews were not the only victims, and that they took advantage of crims that envolved jews, slavs, gypsies, communists, social-democrats, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Disabled people etc...Of course that the winners exaggerated, telling us about death camps, when they were usefull in labour.

Could it be they have much to hide? Like the truth, perhaps?
yes!! not the truth that there were no crims, but the truth that those crims were not only directed to the jews.

Hitler's only "final solution" for the jews was forced immigration/repatriation to the Soviet Union to join their fellow Communists.
Are you sure??

He encouraged immigration to England, America and Palestine, giving jews permission to leave.
Are you sure ??

It is a fact of history that most Communists were jews
Oh really ?? Ok, so letīs start putting here names of jews who are/were communists. Iīll start to give you one:
Trotsky --> Joined the Bolchevists in 1917.

You continue the list...

Most jews today are still Communists but they are now known as Neo Conservatives
Thatīs a very smart thing to say. care to explian...

First of all, there were not 6 million jews in all the areas occupied by Germany during the war.
I know, but imagine what happens if they find out there were 6 million people killed ( some jews included ) ??
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