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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

The troops in Iraq are going no where except to their unhealthy futures in more wars, wether it be onto Iran next or whatever country...

The soldiers will come home when Rome has no more money to support her troops... isn't that what is happening over there now? Who wants to bring home a sick military? The bastards who sent them over to be murderers and let them be poisoned alongside their "foe"?

Until the U.S. dollar collapses, those soldiers will remain and be joined by more...

The U.N. will pull off some bullshit thingy WWF style where we are the good UN and we are "drafting" good citizens from many nations to help rape Iraq. I have a funny feeling Martin is Bushy's new bed-buddy. Blair has an election to rig and a population to bullshit. He's busy right now.

Palestine is working for the NWO just fine. Iraq too. They are murdering civilians indiscriminantly. That is the truth and it is very grave indeed.

What if our racist police force, here in Nova Scotia with its Masonic leadership and its KKK ties to government policies turned on Nova Scotian civilians? Are we foolish enough to believe that this is not a very real possibility? If it can happen there in Iraq and Palestine, not to mention many other countries, it can happen anywhere.

Is Venezualen oil calling Uncle Sam's army somewhere again? Remember Rome and think about the U.S.A. Visions of burning flames comes to my mind.

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