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Default Six million Jews were killed as a result of the Zionists

For the ones having problems to digest what was said:

Well, you can call me anti-semit if you want, for me it is now crystal clear who the true jews are... but dont forget these Holocaust accusations are straight from Jews itself - the true Jews...

As we know, the same happens with exoteric Christianity, George W. Bush calls himself a christian, but what he doesnt get properly is, that the ten commandments forbid to kill... as a matter of fact...

We witness now the final battle of the big three sadly mislead exoteric Religions (exoteric christianity, exoteric Judaism and exoteric Islam) fighting eachother over their materialistic doctrines, the establishment of their appropriate physical "Kingdom of God"... the exoteric christians want to reach their aim through their bloody NWO (New World Order), the exoteric Jews goes hand in hand with that, but they want to establish their physical "Holy land" Jerusalem in Israel by butcher and slaughter. And finally exoteric Islam wants to establish their Kingdom of God in one country using nuclear power to develop Iran, of course furiated by the slaughter of their very brothers and sisters in palestine caused by exoteric Jews, they doing that fully conscious within thousand years old arabic traditions and culture...

What these exoteric religious followers dont get, is, that the Kingdom of God is first of all an individual esoteric/spiritual realm, after this spiritual realm took place in every citizen of our world, then we can realise the physical Kingdom of God and His Righteousness... its a process without force and blood shed its a spiritual process... but as we can see, it might take another hundred years to reach there... but read more here...

Written by Satmar Grand Rebbe Joel Teitelbaum

Six million Jews were killed as a result of the Zionists

Vayoel Moshe
Everyone ignores the fact that it has been these Zionist groups that have attracted the Jewish people and have violated the Oath against establishing a Jewish entity before the arrival of the Messiah. It is because of the Zionists that six million Jews were killed. The fact is that this is the bitter punishment stipulated in the Talmud.... (Tractate Ketuboth, p. 111), which results in the payment of a spiritual and physical debt from the Jewish People. Afflictions and tribulations only appear in this world because of the wicked, and the punishment is meted out first upon the righteous. However the Zionists have committed horrible actions; that they have always slandered and spoken libelously against the Jewish People to other nations, and have even inciting non-Jewish leaders against the Jewish People to convince them to expel Jews from their countries. The Zionists believed that this strategy would make it easier to take over the Holy Land and establish their State there.

We see from letters written by great rabbis in the early days of Zionism how great was their deathly fear of the consequences of the slander and libel of the Zionists; unfortunately their fears were realized.

In addition to this, facts have come to light regarding the extent of the cruelties committed by Zionist organizations that resulted in the whole dreadful catastrophe. Some of these activities that took place in Hungary came to light as well in court cases that later occurred in the Holy Land. The Zionists undertook a number of explicit actions that they believed would assist them in meeting their objectives in the creation a state. It is not, however, my intention to discuss this subject at length in this book because I am writing it solely for the purpose of clarifying Jewish law as it pertains to the establishment of a state. However, I mention these events to point out the fact that it is only this abominable idea of establishing a state that has caused all the hardships, sufferings and misfortunes that have befallen us, aside from the fact of countless Jews who have died because of the Zionist wars that are forbidden by Jewish law.

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