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OK, how's this:

Someone is experimenting with some kind of zapper that acts on my brain; it feels like being hit, but without a physical impact. It leaves me dazed for 2 to 4 seconds. It is very close to the feeling you get when you get up from your chair too quickly and feel dazed for a second or two. You aren't fully conscious, but you aren't falling over, either. This is what this Zapper does, and during the time of semi-consciousness, these techno-geeks try to implant a suggestion. They also are trying to embed a Pavlovian trigger at this time: "Beep, beep", or "Toot, toot" in order to induce the same suggestibility without the zapper, I would guess. It's basically a way to forcefully induce a temporary trance state by zapping my brain with some kind of directed energy, probably EM, maybe microwaves. A device like this would be very easy to make if you had a little experience with electronics.

Has anyone else experienced this? Let's get a thread going!! :-)

In ref to your article, that's a really practical thing to know. Whenever I take my cell and don't want to be traced, I put it in a little metal box = Faraday enclosure. I also someotimes take the battery out, but this is not the best solution.
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