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Default Re: Take 2 Steps Back, Relax, Sit Down, and think for a moment.

earthspirit wrote:

Yes, you guessed it: I do believe that there will come a time that will be a mark in our own lives, and that is a one world government!

I for one do believe it will come to fruition.

Not that I wish that upon my own enemy, but, we've been sleeping too long. Or watching all this come to 'birth' while we are watching in a daze!
Yes, thats true but keep in mind that in order for the One World Goverment to exist, the so called "FREE PEOPLE" of the Western Nations, U.S.A. Europe, Australia, Japan, ect. would have to abandon their freedoms under a Global Constitution, For Americans, who are SLEEPY at the wheel, they'll never sacrifice their Rights for that, at least I hope.

Ozzy dopster said:If my hunch is true, then you will see the federal authorities slowly encroaching on the state and local jurisdictions; and not without the proper "triggering events", either!
Whenever this happens in foreign countries, the CIA steps in to inverstigate, calling it a signal event.
[b]Who will guard our constitutional securities if it happens on domestic soil

yes but we here in America still have that PESKY
2nd Amendment of Right to Bear Arms, Thank God! I don't know about your Countries constitutuion but ours is blessed to have such many "tools" to survive. :-o
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