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Default Re: Take 2 Steps Back, Relax, Sit Down, and think for a moment.

How Will They Succeed? - :-o :-o :-o

How Will “They” Succeed ???

Questions About The "Creation" of World Goverment

On the matter of the U.S. Military or Local and state police rounding up people for Concentration Camps, well I would say thats hard to fathom, I mean think about it, the Military is mostly Patriotic Americans, with families and a somewhat TREMENDOUS LOVE for America, you really think they'll TURN on their fellow Americans? ITS very unlikely unless there is some mass HPNOSIS machine that will turn them against us, I think the Chinese are the only nation on Earth capable of SUBDUING American Citizens of their GUNS and Rights, but then again most Americans are completely Ignorant and stupid!

To begin to answer that I'll paraphrase myself, from a previous post,
Jimbo wrote:
Mass-Programming The Masses

I guess I have it in me, to doubt & question. And for some reason, I can always tell a liar, or at least most of the time, because I have met some really good liars, that are so good, they can have you fooled for a long time. However, once you figure it out, that they were lying, then you’ll never be taken again by them, unless you let them. I have come to the conclusion, that “a liar, is always a liar.”

I think I know, why some (but not all) Americans are easily fooled. It goes back to that “pride” you feel by being a “native” of prosperous country. Most native Americans I’ve met, that are particularly overtaken by this pride, believe that they can do no wrong. They believe, literally, that their “shit” doesn’t stink. They think that their government is so good, they trust it “blind-folded.” The problem w/ that is obvious. It’s so obvious, the “framers of "our" constitution” knew & envisioned how the “corruption” brought upon by “unchecked power” is so powerful & destructive, that they made sure provisions were taken in advance to avoid such a catastrophe. We had everything we needed to preempt corruption, & we had outlined the mechanisms by which we could get it off its tracks, if it ever infiltrated our system as a “Trojan Horse”. However, those that believe that because of their heritage, they are better people, “naturally” brighter & smarter, than the rest of the world, & therefore, that their government is the best thing ever created, fall easily into this trap. Why? Because they “stopped thinking, & they stopped doubting.” Then, it goes deeper into our “instinctive minds,” the auto-pilot of survival. In order for us to survive, we have to “trust” our parents. This “trust” is also “connected” w/ the “love” we naturally feel for our parents. We “love” them first, & then, we “trust” them to survive. The problem is that, we then develop “pride,” a more complex type of “emotional behavior.” Once this pride takes over our personalities, the “trust” & the “love” come natural, & unfortunately, are never questioned.

I am not a psychologist, but I can only infer that this behavioral pattern of the “ego” must be broken & reestablished (re-programmed) in order for us to “re-learn” the difference between “true love,” “trust,” & “pride,” which can carry us anywhere, & driven w/ “blind faith” – very unfortunate for us, yet very convenient for them, the “master manipulators.”

Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA - Post #41 (Posted On: 6/19/2005 12:26:00)

Now, in addition to that thought, you just imagine, any catastrophe, as I just previously outlined here, requiring the assistance of local law enforcement in coordination w/ Homeland Security. Let’s say that a local community (& forget about the rest of the world for just a moment) gets attacked by some revived-in-the-lab & for all practical purposes previously-extinct virus, reinvigorated w/ industrial strength, thus weaponized, however, the source, strength, & motive for the outbreak is classified for the sake of “national security.” Following, that community’s power-grid & communications of all kinds are “suspended.” Local agencies respond to the emergency call & threat level & their orders are to contain, decontaminate, isolate, & quarantine that “population.” All of these “public servants” have their orders. Besides that, they are “proud” to be American. Their “immediate allegiance” is to their “immediate supervisor” & their own families. In their minds they are not doing anything wrong. They are following orders. They “were told” this is a result of a “terrorist attack” even though there is “secret special ops team” conducting a “mock terrorist raid” (however w/ a real-virus, but no one but only the “commander” of that “special-ops team” knows. Everyone else is just following orders). As a result & in addition, the local service personnel, they are “sworn to secrecy” & all of their activities, they are told, are now “classified” & a matter of “national security,” thus divulging any of this information would result in “charges & arrest” & criminal prosecution. Exactly the same thing (a secret operation) has been documented to have occurred during “Andrew & Katrina”. What happened there was, according to the documentaries, that 100s of unidentified bodies were placed in body-bags, stuff into trailers, & taken to an undisclosed location by “handlers” that were sworn to secrecy. Other than reading it in the Internet from sites like “” & “,” have you heard this to be true from anyone else you know? Did the mainstream media report any of this happening?

So, in simple words, you don’t know what happened. Actually, nobody knows, who did it, & for what purpose. All you know is what you are told, & that “your are proudly doing your job for your country.” At this point, in the middle of such confusion, w/o enough information to see the “whole picture,” & w/ the intent to continue living their lives as normal as possible, “Who ‘in their right mind’ is going to question their superiors, & claim that this is all wrong, that there is a conspiracy to ‘contain, disarm, deactivate, & relocate’ a segment of the population?”

Scary,… but due to the circumstances, of what we already know is going on, modern technology & the power structure already in place, do you think for a moment that this could not happen? Look at 911 & the evidence that indicates “foul-play.” Look at “Pearl Harbor.” September the 11th was considered & has already been called “The New Pearl Harbor.” If it has happened before, it has been considered before (i.e., Project Northwoods), do you think it “can not happen” again? It talks, walks, & looks like it.



The Pentagon Fabricates A Self Inflicted Incident To Justify A Cuban Invasion In 1962

I can only hope not.

But “Eternity” is a long, long time to piss into the wind…

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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