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Default Re: Take 2 Steps Back, Relax, Sit Down, and think for a moment.

How Come Some Know Where Others Don’t ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Are We Insane To Question, Or Should We Be In Fear

The Majority Of People Do Not Have The Foggiest Idea

I have recently read somewhere that a certain percentage of the population happen to have the ability to visualize in 3D (three dimensional space), & for some reason most of them happen to choose some type of engineering as a profession. I don’t know how true that is, but when I studied engineering that fact was never mentioned. However, I can visualize in 3D w/o a problem. And I can even dream in color. Obviously there are many attributes & characteristics found in human beings that are not possessed by the entire population. We are not all alike, we are all individually different, not 2 fingerprints are alike, & yet many of us wouldn’t trade ourselves for anybody else, but ourselves.

When in the medical profession they claim that for someone your age, height, body frame & bone structure, your ideal weight is such & such. Well, I think that is in the “mathematical” sense, they are looking at averages & medians of the population, that for all practical purposes, are nothing but a number amongst a set of numbers. In other words, just because a “majority” (of let’s say 60 percent of the population) posses a certain quality, that doesn’t mean that you should have that quality, or that, that quality is desirable, or whatever. I hope that leaves you just as confused as it sounds, because it sounds like it doesn’t really matter what “the numbers say.” Every one person is unique, & you can’t really fit a human being, as complex as it is, into an equation, or a set of numbers w/ any statistical significance. That is my personal view anyway. I know others disagree. But the interesting thing about those that disagree is that they “belong” to an organization of like minded individuals, that in order for them to “belong” they have to abide by a number of “unspoken” rules. And it is almost something like peer-pressure. Is like for example, being a member of the American Medical Association, & telling the “establishment,” or your “doctor” for that matter, that you personally believe in “true health care” & not in life-long “disease treatments” (which is how medicine is “practiced” today. It certainly wasn’t like that 40 years ago). You tell your doctor, that you want to be 100% percent healthy & never again take a medication of any kind. A “naturopath” is going to tell you he will do the best he can to get you there, whereas the “medical doctor” is going to tell you that are your age that is “practically impossible.” Why? Because that’s what they teach them, that’s what they are expected to say, & that’s what keeps them making a living, not below a certain standard, & by keeping their monopoly going, which is controlled & administered by, yes, their “masters.” The same goes w/ attorneys. At that point you have 2 choices. Believe your “medical doctor” & eventually die inside a hospital, w/ hoses going in & out of every orifice you have, or take your “health” into your own hands, go to a “shaman,” take some herbs, meditate, detoxify yourself, eat organic foods only (if you can find them), get sunlight, water, rest, exercise, make love to your spouse, if you have one, & die in your own terms.

Naturopathy -

Not everyone is alike, thank God. There comes a time in a person’s life where you no longer need that approval of your siblings, or your friends, or those around you. You have become your own person, & because you’ve had enough “personal experiences” w/ the universe around you, including reading & learning from others, that you have literally had that “eureka” experience that they talk about in the books. That moment when you say, aha! I got it. I know what that means. I understand it all (somehow). You connected w/ the God mind. All of the sudden everything makes perfect sense. From that moment on, it’s like you had a “spiritual” experience. You connected. You know. From that point on, all you need is God. But God is everywhere, is in everything. Everyone is a reflection of God in some form. Everyone & everything is literally being constantly fed by God’s energy, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. You know that, but not everyone gets there. Only the saints, the sages, the shamans, & the “explorers” of this world get there. Obviously, not everyone is “shaman” material, or has “shaman” potential.

Most people might think that you are crazy if you tell them what I just told you. But who cares. They don’t understand what you are talking about anyway, just because they are not “experienced.” Most of these people live a typical routine life & they just don’t know how to deviate from it w/o feeling bad, guilty, dislocated, or somehow weird, or alone. Just like Jimi Hendrix used to say in 1 of his songs, “Are You Experienced?”. It’s not your fault, it’s their’s.

I have been reading about this stuff, I’d say, for at least 15 years now. Before that, I was in the search of, but I wasn’t sure. I had not seen the big picture yet. Most people I talked to could not understand. It sounded too far fetched, too crazy. They didn’t want to “think” anymore. Let’s talk about something else - kind of people. As time went on I surprisingly found more people that not only understood, they would tell you stuff you already knew. Then I’d realize that people are becoming much more aware these days, including some young kids, which is very refreshing.

Just a couple of weeks ago I saw a relative that had been practically disbarred from the family because of a divorce. I obviously wanted to pick his brains, since he is older than me, but he didn’t seem to know. I was not surprised, but since he was always so up-to-date w/ things, at least when I was young, I thought that he might know something, or be able to contribute somehow, but he didn’t. A few days later he spoke w/ my cousin, & he asked her if I was crazy. I couldn’t help it but to laugh. Everyone in the family thinks he is “literally” crazy. I personally think that’s his “gig,” he wants to appear “dislocated.”

I think that peer pressure is really bad for you, if you fall victim to it, & if you feel that you have to be accepted by a larger group. People that are manipulated by peer-pressure never develop any true individuality, never become true thinkers, are easily manipulated in herds, are superficial, never get to know who they really are, what their purpose is, are easily fooled by appearances, & are pretty much lost is space w/o any destination. Appearances can be very deceiving. I don’t look at appearances anymore. I look for what is beneath the surface, underneath the “mask” you get to see.

Again these are only my views & I do not imply or assume anything whatsoever about you personally, & because of anything I said. I was just thinking out loud, my own thoughts. No reason behind anything I said other than to share my points of view.

Now, to answer your question I would say, that those that know are way fewer in number than those that don’t have the foggiest clue about the world around them, other than what they are fed, & because of peer-pressure, they get to read (mainstream news). So getting rejected, mocked, & laughed at is going to be pretty much “normal” & somewhat “expected.” And yes, perhaps our purpose is to share w/ others what we have taken the time to figure out.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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