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Bouncer wrote:
I hid my love as I drove by
A vacant lot in Trenton;
But I was careful to remove
Some things I shouldn't mention.

To keep a mate, it seems of late
Is quite a troubled matter:
Instead of making love to her
I'd rather see her splatter.

I do not torture animals
I seldom wet my pants;
I love my neighbor as myself
If given half the chance.

My limbic matter cannot cope
With jealousy and pain,
At least that's what the doctor said
Before he shrunk my brain.

So now I'm shut up in a cage
The town is out of danger;
But I must caution those like me
Don't mix up sex with anger.
Sound like a dark time.. :-( .
Relationships donít usually go so smooth in this line of work.

You will find
People tend kind
To their own peace of mind!

Why? We donít really know. But you will find this implausible and enigmatic behaviour to be all around. And it remains enigmatic. The solution remains a mystery and a fragmented debate, with no solution.

Demographics? Metaphysics? Scientific? Chemistry? Ecology? Psychology? Sociology? Entropy?
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