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Default Re: The End Of Civilization...

Indred wrote:
The American People worship the rich. They are their unofficial royalty. America loves wealth whether you inherited it, married it or did it the old fashion way and stole it.
You are RIGHT ON! I've often said that the poor/poverty people do it to themselves! While 'they' are doing it to us too! Double whammy!

Sorry to throw this in on this thread, it's kinda plain and simple- but anyway:

Not to say that I don't admire something nice from afar and then go on with life. But heck, some people love to watch the rich and famous and get lost in some kind of fantasy world of which they think these people are gods!

Our young people (especially them) today will sooner support the rich and famous and all the products they endorse or have their name on, rather than economize and/or have personal and spiritual growth. Our youth today 'worship' the rich for having something they (our youth that is) think that they cannot have or will not ever have. Huh??? says who???

Oh and don't you just love it when all these pop and rap stars brag to our youngins that the've received these 'things' for free from Donatella Versage, from Ralph Lauren etc etc. Oh and don't forget those $10,000 'Oscar Night' goody bags filled with all kinds of fun things for the rich.

Prey-tell: when do they use their own money on the basics?

But anywhoooooooooooo! Yes, we are letting them destroy us!
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