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Default Re: This is how you can defeat the new world order

Maybe the NWO is a little like the Emperor's New Clothes. If a significant few of us stood together and helped inform and educate the rest who are willing to listen, the burgeoning NWO will fade away after the overture. Global centralization means global catastrophy. After all, if, as Jimbo says, they want to create reality by convincing us it exists already, then all we have to do is say, "No, I resist the NWO and prevent it from becoming reality."
Alas, there is already a global authority, as stated, called the Kingdom of God, or in modern times we might call it the House of God, or the Citizenship of Heaven, etc.
It is within us, not by a geographic or political reorganization, but by the Holy Spirit. This is the New World Covenant that God established through the chirsthood of Jesus.
Why is someone trying to forge a counterfeit? Perhaps THIS is the real secret of the NWO, that it is a counterfeit of God's heavenly kingdom???
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