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the mass perversion going on in the MINDS of sexual deviants is only MAGNIFIED by the INTERNET! A direct creation through humankind from SATAN! SO IT IS A NEGATIVE BLIGHT ON HUMANITY. I stand by those words.

The Internet Emboldens the Perverts

Goodyear mother accused of luring teens for sex through

John Machay
staff writer

A 36-year-old mother of three is behind bars after allegedly posing as a teenager on the Internet and luring underage boys to her Goodyear home for sex, officials said.
Peggy Ross is being held on one count each of sexual conduct with a minor, kidnapping and luring a minor for sexual exploitation, said Cmdr. Ralph McLaughlin of the Goodyear Police Department. She’s being held on $120,000 bond, according to court records.

Ross, who allegedly maintained a home page on the popular Web site under the guise of a teenager named “Tabitha” is accused of striking up conversations with boys between the ages of 13 and 18 and inviting them to her home when her husband was away, McLaughlin said.

“From what we understand, apparently her husband was away on business when these activities occurred,” McLaughlin said, noting that no evidence has surfaced to suggest Ross’ husband was privy to the activities.

Police first became aware of the illicit goings on when they received a tip from someone who claimed Ross was hosting parties in her home that involved drugs, alcohol and underage boys, McLaughlin said.

“We couldn’t find anything to substantiate that, but through the course of our investigation we came into contact with a boy who told us he’d met her on the Internet and she invited him to her house,” he said, noting that the youth is between 13 and 18 years old. “Once he was there, they engaged in a sex act.”

Stake out
Although Ross’ home was placed under surveillance on Tuesday, she was taken into custody during a traffic stop that occurred shortly after police watched her leave, McLaughlin said.

“The reason for that was we knew she had kids in the house, and even though we planned on doing what we call a ‘soft’ arrest, we knew it could be pretty traumatic for them,” he said. “So we waited until after she dropped off the kids at school. She was on her way home when we stopped her.”

McLaughlin confirmed that investigators then served a search warrant on Ross’ home, but he refused to elaborate on what was seized.

While police “are aware of a few more possible underage victims,” the youths have refused to cooperate in the case, McLaughlin said.

“It’s really kind of surprising to me, because if the situation was reversed — if the predator was a man and these kids were teenage girls — their parents would have hauled them down to the police station and demanded that we do something,” he said. “But, for some reason, because they’re boys, no one seems to want to talk about it. That’s something I don’t get, because the fact that the victims were boys doesn’t make the crime any less heinous.”

Investigators believe there are more victims beyond the few that they already know about, McLaughlin said.

“When someone is busted for a crime, especially a crime like this, you can bet they’ve done it several times before they were caught,” he said. “It doesn’t usually happen after the first offense. So we feel pretty strongly that there are more victims out there. The trick is getting them to step forward.”
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