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Default Re: The Coming American Holocaust?

Thanx nohope

That is a really nice compliment.

I guess I truly appreciate the grace of God. How lucky am I is my emotion when seeing the truth.

Change is painful, often-times. Birth is a painful experience. The result is beautiful. I see the history of the world birthing the foretold child called peace. I guess I see things differently.

I also have mountains of faith in God. Tons and buckets and oodles. The divine intervention in my life has been nothing short of miraculous on several occasions. I certainly did not have the power to alter my situation and my situation was most certainly altered from means beyond my control. That is my life experience. I guess that is why I believe in good so strongly.

I also am clever and can figure out and face truth as truths and facts as facts. God gave me the brains for that and very broad shoulders to face sometimes heavy burdens. I know that those moronic satan worshippers are coming unstuck as we speak. I can unburden my load. They cannot. And when the truth, as in Brazil, gets out to the people, as in pedophilesingovernment"r", the times are gonna change for the better.

Mary XXX
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