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Default Re: Americans & Immigrants United Against The Government

SeC wrote:
Americans & Immigrants United Against The Governmet

Why you not end this silly divide and conquer game, you have to move hand in hand (Americans and Immigrants) AGAINST your government...

Best wishes from Switzerland

Roger you obviously don't know what your talking about, WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ABOUT ILLEGAL? Legal Immigrants are a blessing to this nation, ILLEGALS are a DRAIN to this nation! And by the way, are you AWARE that your Nation is the most CORRUPT ZIONIST PUPPET STATE on EARTH? I'm sure you don't, Switzerland is the Worlds Depository for CROOKED MONEY and Zionist Drug Dealers money laundering, your country pretends to be NEUTRAL, it's nothing more than a RETREAT for the PIECES OF filth GLOBALIST Illuminati we all hate! Or were you not aware of that?

Best Wishes from Beautiful Southwestern U.S.A.
redrat11 : :-o
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