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Default Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power

Pentagon Plans Forced Population Reduction in USA


This is where conspiracy reality meets conspiracy theory!

Some very bright thinkers and so-called humanitarians and New Age industrialists (such as Maurice Strong) are linked to some highly influential bodies such as the Bilderberg Group, The Club of Rome, The World Wildlife Fund etc. The Globalists who are pulling the strings on our elected officials like so many marionettes want total control of the whole world, and they’re rapidly bringing about a complete end to the sovereignty of all nations. They are rapidly trying to force us into a dictatorial world government, and they fully intend to kill off large numbers of us via premeditated genocide. Beyond that, they fully intend to inject us all with an injectable microchip so that they can control our thoughts and actions because what they want is a psychocivilized society of mind controlled slaves. Their plans have been totally exposed in the books of Cathy O’Brien, and Brice Taylor, both of whom escaped the CIA’s MK Ultra Mind Control program.

I’ve met O’Brien and Taylor and there is no question in my mind of their honesty. They both went through a form of hell that the average person can’t even remotely conceive of.

Depopulation and eugenics are closely entwined with the Powers that Be. So, its another reason to be less surprised – but no less horrified – that the black population of New Orleans were left for dead as a matter of course.

UNO Agenda 21 Sustainable New World Order Research

Pentagon Plans Forced Population Reduction in USA

* “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation. *”—Prince Philip

An economically collapsed planet would force some hard solutions onto the problems of overpopulation. That is, after all, the root problem since it is the root decision made after the war, since it was politically impossible in all nation-states to tell the people the truth, that you’ve got to start controlling population growth because the planet’s resources are diminishing.

The planet’s future industrial economic infrastructure, based on the remaining non-renewable and semi-renewable resources that the planet can produce, this fraction doesn’t work after you get much above 5 billion people on the planet.

This gets back to the useless eaters solution. How do you deal with so-called “excess” population? In a post-economically collapsed environment, a government is not really going to be able to provide any help. Like Africa, there will be mass starvation, but it will not be only in Africa anymore, but across the entire planet. Particularly in First World countries.

This is where conspiracy reality meets conspiracy theory.

What further augments my contention about this plan: global agreements, led by the United States, were made in the mid-1970s, to use low-yield thermonuclear and other so-called containable non-conventional weapons systems for the purposes of forced population reduction in a post- economically collapsed world.

In other words, even in the mid-1970s, there was a political and military recognition of reality. The “ultimate solution” was that the economic policy set forth across the planet in a post-war environment would lead to economic collapse because it did not contain one key component: global population growth control, particularly in the industrialized nations, which consume 10, or 20, or 50 times more non-renewable resources than do citizens in Third World countries.

Therefore, in the 1970s, governments became increasingly alarmed. The “solution” that was pushed by the nation of South Africa, which was the first country to sign onto this deal, was to use low-yield thermonuclear weapons on their so-called “homelands.” It is the reason, in 1975, by the way, why the Department of Defense pushed for the development of neutron weapons.

Neutron weapons, by the way, were never designed to be used in warfare. Their real purpose was population reduction, or so-called “high-density targets.” They were not for any foreign enemy, so to speak. It was for domestic population reduction by using low-yield neutron weapons, particularly what’s called “imploders.”

How common was this understanding? It was very common at the Department of Defense. They were the ones who drew up a lot of plans for it. The State Department also was aware of it. It wasn’t any secret.

In 1975, when this all came together, the then-new Gerald Ford Regime was a little disorganized in the beginning, but there really wasn’t any effort to hide this at the time. Information did come out, but it was spun in such a fashion that this was going to be a “solution” for Third World nations. South Africa however didn’t hide the fact. South Africa purposely became the one guy to pop out, shall we say. In other words, South Africa didn’t try to hide what it was doing.

That was done so the First World nation-states, led by the United States, could point to South Africa as an example. South Africa allowed itself to become, shall we say, a sacrificial scapegoat for global public opinion, so that the American people and Western European peoples could believe what their governments were telling them, that forced population reduction by use of low-yield non-conventional weapons systems would be a Third World option only. That was never the truth.

That’s why the Department of Defense had set up. It is one of the reasons why the infamous National Programs Office was set up in 1975: to plan for the logistical operation targeting the mobile launch sites, etc., necessary for the use of throwing low-yield non- conventional containable munitions against high-density population targets. What was the purpose of building low-yield neutron “imploders,” and keeping them all in the United States, and then setting up a separate then-still secret government agency (The National Programs Office or NPO) whose specific job was to target population centers.

This was the notorious NPO of Iran-Contra renown, of which Oliver North was in charge of eventually. The NPO was initially set up as a defense agency, a secret defense organization to manage forced population reduction in the United States. It wasn’t until 1979-80 that then Defense Secretary Harold Brown began to expand it, and the Reagan Bush Regime did the same, changing it to a post-World War III organization.

For a long time, this wasn’t hidden, even during the Reagan-Bush Regime. Remember when Casper Weinberger got himself into a little hot water for saying that the first civilian population target of a Soviet first strike would be the northeastern corridor because there the Soviets could wipe out as many as necessary because of the enormous concentration of population that exists from Boston to Philadelphia. Roughly 20% of the nation’s population lives there, and they’re tightly packed together. It’s the ideal place to use non-conventional weapons.

Weinberger was referring to domestic strike rather than a foreign-based strike. He was trying to divert leaks that were coming out in 1983-84 by saying—Oh, well, we’re aware of the Soviet targeting. But that was all smoke.
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