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Default Re: How to take back America in 12 Steps

Updated version II: How to take back America in 12 Steps

1. Drop Bush&Co. (full scale impeachment/creative coup d'etat of the entire Bush Administration) Where has your famous creativity gone??? Just an idea: Hire Blackwater!!!
2. Drop Clinton&Co. and use your alleged "charity funds" to rebuild the U.S. instead of using it for CIA "spreading democracy"-operations and senseless imperialistic aims.
3. Nationalize the Federal Reserve; Put the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) under strict control of the U.N. Supreme Council for federal banking; Drop the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, and all other criminal networks like Pelicano
4. Drop all U.S. ambassadors worldwide
5. Drop all government and private owned weapon manufacturers
6. Support the new, purified and reorganized U.N. as executive police force
7. Install a sustainable energy policy like Sweden
8. Install a sustainable economic policy
9. Install a sustainable immigration policy like Switzerland
10. Install a sustainable and friendly foreign policy "take and give"
11. Sign the International Criminal Court of Justice
12. Install a Political System similar to Switzerland and motivate your future federal council with draconian penalties to serve the nation:

The Swiss Government consists of the seven members of the Federal Council who are elected by the United Federal Assembly for a four-year mandate.

Switzerland is a joint rule by compromise, direct democracy system with an Executive Federal Council and Legislative, the parliament. watch here:

Finally, please dont forget, its all a big illusion/game... have fun... stand up... you are a real hero... death is just another illusion... you are an invincible warrior for Love, Wisdom and Truth... you are an eternal being without beginning and end...

Best wishes from Switzerland

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