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Default Re: The Coming American Holocaust?

Does anyone have a time frame in which this might happen, in a few years or much later. What about the military that still are state side, will they have to participate with these foreign troops, and Social Security I guess we'll never see that either. What is the purpose of A New World Order? The goverment pretty much does what they want to do anyway, and there's not awhole lot you can do about it. Why make matters worse.
All good questions, Karen, and ones that I have devoted a lot of time and study to myself.
First, nothing is etched in stone when dealing with the NWO. They are neither omniscient or omnipotent, although they try to convey that image, since they are an elite minority trying to exert control over the majority. Their plans are therefore, fluid and not static, since even they cannot control every minute variable or paradigm. That being said, I have conlcuded that the next five years are critical, and the next year especially for the United States. If the Zionist agenda of the Bush neocons can be defused before it spreads to Iran, Syria or even Venezuela, that will be a major setback to the good cop/bad cop scenario of the NWO. If not, then the U. S. will be in danger of a catacylsmic retaliation probably perpetrated by the USSR under the sanction of the UN.
Should the worst happen, the military installations in this country will be taken over by Illuminati operatives who have been secretly trained and prepared for this objective for decades, as revealed by Svali and other insiders. It will be a horrible, post-Apocalyptic scenario resembling a Mad Max movie, with a reversion to localized control by feudal warlords. When the NWO troops finally intervene to retake these territories, they will be welcomed as saviors by the American people -- that is the whole purpose of this exercise, to make people WANT globalist totalitarianism as that third Hegelian option. And, of course, the Illuminati will turn on their own operatives at this point, and that's when the prison camps will start to fill up. Remember the Bible tells us that the very elect will be deceived. The NWO will appear to many to be acting as the "good guys" when they round up all of the "usual suspects", from occultists to political rabblerousers, just as Hitler and other dictators always did to consolidate their power initially.
Admittedly, it is very difficult to piece together the puzzle, since most legitimate info is interspersed with disinformation, but if one is dilligent and eclectic enough, I think a general pattern emerges. I also think that the internet disseminating a lot of this "inside info" about the occult also figures into the NWO master plan. After all, they want us to know whom we are supposed to scapegoat eventually, right?
Finally, you are correct in that there is no military, financial or even logical rationale for the Illuminati's obsession with outright universal control, since they have already
achieved that objective on a covert basis. Certainly, this won't enrichen the global elites anymore, give them any more power or personal discretion. There is only one logical deduction to be made, IMO: The elites are being manipulated too, via their own greed and lusts, by an even higher evil authority whose ultimate objective is the corruption and subjection of the entire human race.
Or simply, Satan is trying to win his contest with God, and we are the pawns in the game.
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