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Default Re: Mexicans Migrate to 'Their Land'

And then there are those of us whose ancestors were living here in 1846 and had been since 1598. This land was stolen from our ancestors not from Mexicans. We were "Mexican" for 25 years. Prior to that we had been Spanish (or Spanish Americans) for 248 years and still are.

We are primarily of European (Iberian, Germanic, British, Irish, etc.) stock with varying degrees of Amerindian blood.

Our land grants were stolen. Our cities were taken over. Our provincial and local governments were abolished. A new legal system was imposed. A new government was imposed. Physical lynchings continued until the first half of the twentieth century. Legal lynchings continue to this day. Our language, history and culture were suppressed and continue to be suppressed to this day.

Neomejicanos (New Mexicans) and Tejanos (Texans) and Californios (Californians) are not "Mexican". We share a common language and culture and history up to a point but we are as different from each other and from Mexicans as Peruvians are from Mexicans or from Bolivians, Argentines from Paraguayans, etc., etc. We are a separate people but we are also an oppressed people.

We reject Mexican claims to the U.S. Southwest but we also reject Anglo-Saxon occupation. Would Mexican occupation improve our lot? Perhaps.
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