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Default Re: Is Iran trying to build a nuclear bomb?

Is It Oil, Nuclear Weapons, or All Of The Above & More, Much More ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Is It Oil, Nuclear Weapons, or All Of The Above & More, Much More ???

Its All About Imperium, Its All About World Domination

From reading some of the researched articles found in Makow's site & many others, & started making a brief chronological log of some of the major world events, as I saw them. If for a moment we just look at Israel, it is interesting to see what transpires.
<blockquote>1945<blockquote> - Modern Israel's establishment as a nation - launched by the Rothschild-Rockefeller-inspired & controlled Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which established itself in 1945. - The CFR consists of select government officials and the captains and kings of business, finance, and the media. The CFR is so influential that it has been called the "Invisible Government" of the United States.</blockquote>1948<blockquote> - Through their efforts and that of the United Nations, modern Israel came into being in 1948. Israel was the creation of the United States & Great Britain & validated via the UN. - Its power has always been the undaunted support of the governments of the United States & Great Britain.</blockquote>1953<blockquote> - The US-Israeli power over the Middle East, since WWII, finally ran into an obstacle, Iran. A country CIA had returned to a despotic monarch in 1953. Paradoxically, this happened when American dominance over the region appeared to be at its peak.</blockquote>1953<blockquote> - Super-secret project MK-ULTRA was born.</blockquote>1978<blockquote> - The US-Israeli hegemony over the Middle East had won a great victory in 1978. At Camp David, the leading Arab country, Egypt, chose to surrender its leadership of the Arab world, & signed a separate 'peace' w/ Israel.</blockquote>1979<blockquote> - The US & Israel have been itching to go to Tehran since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.</blockquote>1982<blockquote> - This was the "Kivunim" plan first made public in 1982. It would give Israel a thousand years of dominance over the Middle East.</blockquote>1990<blockquote> - The end of the Cold War in 1990 offered a bigger opening to the United States & Israel.</blockquote></blockquote>
This would imply to me that Israel, being created by both the US & the UK, & then sanctified by both the UN & CFR, which are undoubtedly also creations of the (not so obvious & unseen) Empire, is then a geopolitical extension the Imperium. That would also explain how come there is so much (Israeli) influence infiltrated w/in our own government for so many years, & also the insane amounts of money they have been sucking right out of our pockets, & thus our economy, for so long. That also explains why the close relationship, & allegiance to Israel, & also it kind of explains how come the UK seems to be so silently happy in the background, sometimes just seemingly as a powerful observer. In addition this would also explain how come both the US & the UK seem to have both secretly funded & supported the rise of Hitler & WWII. Now, from what we have by now learned, that all government heads around the world seem to have somehow been picked, supported, encouraged, & influenced by some "global secret organizations," such as the Illuminati & its many tentacles, we should not be surprised the least, that those world governments that have over time gained their own autonomy & independence from the Imperium, & through the capitalization of their natural resources, seem to have become the "enemy" which must at all cost be now subjugated, or else, let them be what they might. It's like a preemptive deactivation of a potential threat to world power & domination. Also, when it appears that Israel is seemingly a separate entity out there somewhere, it's not. Israel is an integral "part of, & a tentacle of the whole" of the Imperium, that is.

So what I'm saying here is that, it looks to me that the nuclear stranglehold Iran has just recently announced to the world, has become nothing more than a very convenient excuse for the Imperium to try to use to justify to attack & destroy a (geopolitical) "enemy" who's been on their sights for over half a century if we narrow our field of vision. It's all about control, & who wants to control the world. The problem is that our "Freedoms, our unalienable rights" & our "way of life" have all being compromised, & thus have become the casualties in these recent "wars" of the Imperium. Not only is the "Middle-East" under attack, the "American Middle-Class" is under attack, including everything above, & everything below.

Now, this whole episode could easily transpire into an Iran-Russia-China(& guests) vs. Israel-US-UK (& guests) war & thus, WWIII (World War Three).

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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