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Default Re: omg she's ugly

Arjuna wrote:

if this Intelligent, benign, or beneficial source had BRAINS I would think IT would learn ENGLISH don't you? I mean what with all its awsome power, it should know we'll never figure its creations out..I love being SARCASTIC at times...
Sarcasm is often motivated by ignorance, confusion, and frustration. However, you ask a good question.

You offer no evidence that crop circles are in any way evil, so I encourage you to reserve judgment.

I can assure you that geometry is not an evil subject. Geometry is one of the three major branches of mathematics; algebra and analysis (calculus) are the other two. All university libraries have geometry books on the shelf. Not everything worth knowing is in the Bible. Right?

Sarcasm motivated By Ignorance Arjuna? You also don't offer any EVIDENCE that crop circles are Beneficial or Benign do you? Your Knowledge of mathematics is ADMIRABLE Arjuna, however having a vast knowledge bank of Mathematics in your mind does'nt make you smart, if your relying on Mathematics to get you through life, then good luck to you, I think the most INTELLIGENT people on this Earth are the people who live basic honest clean lives as best they can, and whatever your DISENCHANTED views of the Bible are does'nt concern me, you show Ignorance by not COMPREHENDING the greatest MATHEMATICAL BOOK ever Created...THE BIBLE...I'm sure you have no clue what I'm talking about. I'll fill you in later on that subject.

Ask Who?

IGNT SAID:Why not simply and plainly ask for an event of the magnitude you desire to occur.

Ask Who? God? :-?


Dominio said:I think an apocalyptic meteor strike would be letting us off to easy

What other EVENT would be more PUNISHING? :-o
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