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Default Make your own E85 fuel (85% BioEthanol, 15% gasoline)

Make your own E85 fuel (85% BioEthanol, 15% gasoline)

This web site is for everyone who is fed up with the 40% price hike in gasoline these past few months, and especially for those of you who want to make your own fuel.

If you have ever made your own beer or wine, or would like to learn, you can ferment any starchy or sugary foods or waste products into a mash that you can distill into 190 proof alcohol.

If you are resourceful, you may even find stuff you can use for free. Once fermented, it is not so hard to distill it to 190-proof with a modern still. The real good news is that you may not have to do any mechanical work or changes to your car or truck. It may already be factory ready for E85.

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