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Default Re: Are We Approaching A Coup D'etat On Freedom ???

George W. Bush is RICH and descended from the RICH and surrounded by the RICH how can he understand the plight of the middle class in America. He can not and has no interest in doing so. He believes that the only good comes from being RICH and that the chief goal of any country and its people should be the promotion and sanctity of the privilege the RICH receive in a society. He and his kind believe that any action that does not promote profit and increase wealth is a worthless action. Those who are not RICH have simply failed to gain wealth through their own stupidity and lack of motivation. America and Americans worship money and the RICH who posses it. This will never change and it is this love of greed and the greedy that is destroying America now. Do not worry the RICH will survive because as soon as they have gotten all they can get from America they will abandon her to her fate.
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