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Default Re: Ethanol seems to have the best chance of replacing gasoline

Ethanol seems to me like "White Lightning", something that you could cut with water and maybe coca cola… Hic-up-burp.

I like the Idea of Brazil being a place to hide out in the southern hemisphere during the coming atomic wars, But I was thinking more about Chile. Patagonia.

It's true some like it hot, but I like the cooler weather of the southern climes.

With six or seven billion people to feed, is it really sensible to have the energy go up in smoke. How many pigs could be fed corn or sugar cane, and when they pooped how many chickens could this acreage support.

I like South America and the ideas of Chevez, and The Others, that the resources of a nation belong to the locals. Not to some unelected foreign multinational corporations.

I am not a communist, I am a nationalist. Every democratically elected representative of any nation should look out only for the interests of their own citizenry.

Perhaps I am mistaken but, from what I have read, the cost of the petroleum to fertilize and get these crops to market in the form of methanol exceeds the number of calories created. What is happening is that virgin soil is used up in Brazil and when it no longer can produce corn or sugar crops fertilizers (made from petroleum) will eat up all the profits.
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