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Default Re: Make your own E85 fuel (85% BioEthanol, 15% gasoline)

"I read the news today oh-boy". The BTAF said that you cannot distill no alchohol.. Without a permit.

Besides that, it would probably take ten acres of corn to produce twenty gallons of methanol.

If somebody really knows how many acres of corn, sugar beets, apple trees, or sugar cane it takes to make a gallon of this stuff.. I want to know.

It looks like the U.S. and other members of the NWO will have to swipe other nations (Who don't have nukes) oil for a long time.

So what if the NWO supports the death squads that are roaming the streets of Bagdad, So what if the Golden Shrine was a CIA, MI5, Mossad false flag op. So what if we are going to nuke Iran for defying the dollars dominance in international oil trades?

What matters is that we are still paying less for gas then they do in Europe. When the price gets to be ten dollars a gallon.. That will change and, "Off With Their Heads " will be the new politics of the U.S. citizenrey concerning "our leadership".

That's when the synthetic terrorist attacks will be orchestrated to keep us in line with the NWO's agenda.

And that's when the true meaning of the "Patriot Act" will sink in to "our nation of sheep"

And we will say "BAAA baaa baaa". And a song will be writen according to scripture. And The Wolves Will Not Like The Sheeping Song.

When the wolves hear the Sheeping Song it will make their precious minds go so wrong.
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