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Default Re: Oil-hungry China set to promote bio-energy fuel production

This is the Chinese version of ADM. Leeching off of the taxpayer's of China to provide the Energy Companies with a profit motive.

ADM is a giant flimflam. Where the energy costs to produce energy exceeds the costs of producing the energy itself.

Perhaps the Chinese have been infiltrated by members of the NWO. Purpose being to increase public debt on the Chinese working people's shoulders.

I read last month that some kind of representative of the Rothschilds was going to China, could this be the result of that consultation?

Another project doomed to fail to project debt upon the citizenry of China. Perhaps to entrap them into the fiat money, fractional banking practices of the NWO?

Most people think that oil is the result of decaying dinosaur stuff.. I think it is the result of microbes deep under the earth’s surface that produce methane… The total weight of all the living creatures on the surface of earth are dwarfed by the “meth monsters below”

That is why the deep oil wells keep refilling themselves. The oil is replenishing itself because deep under the tectonic plates methane is released and turned into oil by these mico-organisms.
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