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Default Re: Are We Approaching A Coup D'etat On Freedom ???

Persephone - Goddess of the Under World - :-o :-o :-o

Persephone - Goddess of the Under World

<img src= height=200 width=120 >
Persephone - Goddess Of The Under World

What is the New World Order?

Illuminati Mini-Documentary --(Video)--

Illuminati Mini-DocumentaryTranscript

“I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it…”

What is the New World Order?

Masonic Temple – Knights Of The Templar

Order Out Of Chaos – Scotish Rite Masonic Logo

Kennedy Assassination Zepruder Film

The Butler? The Maid? No… the Driver!

Kennedy , Killed at the Apex of Pyramid w/o a Capstone from a Bird’s Eye View.

The Two Inner Triangles in conjunction w/ the Outer Triangle represent the Trinity.

What does their Symbolism mean? Why in Latin?

New World Order!

Why on our Currency?

What’s the All Seeing Eye for?

Sacred Geometry is their language.

The Flower Of Life is their Ultimate Secret

The Tree Of Life derived from the Flower Of Life. The Man symbolism is meant to detract from the true meaning.

Note “Swastika” It is the “Symbol of the Sun,” Not The Nazi’s

This is known as The Star Of David but comes from a much more ancient place, Egypt.

The Signs are everywhere, even in Washington D.C. streets.

Pentagram Satanic Symbol? – Masonic Hall.

Even in our Capital?

This church has a secret in its back yard.

Do We Live in a Fascist State?

The Faces on our emblems?

Please, tell me not in Congress…

Bush draws hard line against Iraq

It was on our dimes in the 40s

The Statue on top of our Capitol Building was supposed to be of the Virgin Mary when it was made near the early part of the 1900s

Take A Closer Look

Please Meet Persephone, Goddess of the Under World

At least we can find comfort in Religion. Right?


Please tell me that’s not an Upside Down Cross.

Well how far back does the corruption go?

Painted in the Renaissance, this painting depicts Liberty in the foreground w/ an archway overhead, in the background you see Solomon’s Two Towers, Jachin & Boaz. Note the Pyramids in the Background.

Hmm, I’ve see that somewhere before…

FACT: The US government keeps cutting edge technology from its citizens. For National Security.

FACT: The US government has pulled invention patents of anyone w/ a successful free energy invention. The inventors usually end up imprisoned.

FACT: If you thought Wireless technology was new, in the early 1900s Nikola Tesla revolutionized the electric industry by inventing a working Wireless Power Plant, but after government intervention the public model never materialized.

FACT: 30 years ago there were computers powerful enough to record any conversation in the world if an individual uttered a key word like bomb, drugs, fascism.

13 Months (sacred number) before 911

Those towers, I’ve seen similar…

Wait that’s the same fast moving flying saucer I thought was fake. Wait the television symbol shows the All Seeing Eye.

The object appears higher than the initial explosion, & falls at a much steeper angle moving 6 plus times faster than the debris.

Tell me that our government is not IN on this.

But wait, isn’t George Washington a pious gentlemen of the Masonic Order?

Isn’t almost all our Presidents gentlemen of the Masonic order? What is he doing in that Satanic pose?

What is the New World Order? It’s the world that has been pulled over your eyes to keep you from the Truth.

It involves all Government parties, orders, corporations, secret societies. Different masks, same faces.

They Rule by the Motto Order Out Of Chaos. Divide & Conquer.

They control the media, local government, & invented money & raise materialism for the ignorant to praise. This is their power.

They are the Gatekeepers & sooner or later someone will have to stand up to them. But where all others have failed, you will succeed.

Your weapon is knowledge & awakening the “Sheeple”. All this information is free for the world to see on-line, but you must seek it. (yourself)

You Have Now Been Warned !!!

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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