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Default Re: omg she's ugly

Mathematics you Crave Mathematics you shall have

Don't take this personally Arjuna, We don't have to hurl CHILDISH insults at each other. I'm simply going to make my point and ask you some questions and move on. First off let me say this
Arjuna you don't Educate me or
or welcome me..ect..
Mathematical Genius of God (Creator of the Bible)
This person you will read about should put your SLANDEROUS mind to rest, keep in mind I did'nt have to introduce you to such an individual, you should thank me for being so nice.
Just Google Ivan Panin and LEARN!
Now Regarding the "Benign and Beneficial" Entity
Here are some "Observations" I have on that subject. Your ENTITY is NOT BENIGN and BENEFICIAL!
1.If this Entity is from above, then it violated International and National Laws of Air Space. First by Intruding on Planet Earth and then on National Airspace without PERMISSION and ADVISEMENT! For your info that's a VIOLATION od the LAW! (of course Law apparently means nothing to Liberals like yourself)
2.If this Entity is EARTHBOUND then it again VIOLATED the law in 2 more ways, first by TRESSPASSING on Private Property, second by Destroying Private Property. (again your Liberalism does'nt recognize PRIVATE PROPERTY!)
3.And last but not least your BENIGN ENTITY creates Objects that are very similar if not exact to that of ILLUMINATI SYMBOLS found throughout this Satanic World, you see these symbols in Commerce,Freemasonry,Religion,Satanism, they seem to match. Are you not seeing that your BENIGN host is Lawless and Aggressive? (not to mention Demonic and Mindless).
Questions for you..
<img src="" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"><br><br>
<img src="" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"><br><br>
1.Why is it that of all the world's religions, Christianity and Islam are PRIMARY targets of the Satanic ILLUMINATI? And yet Hinduism your Benign Religion is left untouched by them?
2.Could it be your way over your head in LACK of knowledge on this subject? THE Bible is Real, that's is why they the ILLUMINATI seek destruction of it, read here about the protocals and VISHNU.
3. And tell me your thoughts and analysis on the photos.
read protocal 14 and 17
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