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Default Re: Christian numerology

childish fool answer the damm questions, You don't Impress me, I figured you would say something IRRATIONAL!

has your Cabal of MENSA fixed any of these problems
1. have the starving children of the world been fed?
2.has a weapon of peace been created?
3.have the sick and diseased been healed?
4.have the evil and sick monsters of the illuminati been brought to JUSTICE?
I guess your Mathematics is useless then!
Answer the Damm Questions on Post 30 of this Thread
for those who want to know,VISHNU, and Hinduism are the Religous beliefs of CHOICE of the ILLUMINATI! ask youself WHY? read protocal 14 and 17 of the elders and see for yourself, Arjuna is Mindless and Blinded by Satanism.
Dr. Panin was one of the world's greatest mathmeticians, but because of his genius, and CHRISTIAN beliefs the ILLUMINATI discredited all of his work. Most of his books are rare to find.

I will not respond until you answer the damm questions, otherwise go play with your CUBES.
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