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Default Re: Christian numerology

RE: Crop Circles

I'm just anyone here wondering if any of (or all of) the crop circles are just man made! Period! I don't mean just some of the crop circles, I mean all of them!

Also, I read in one of the posts that crop circles have been around for thousands of years????? Says who???

Where is this information really coming from??

All this is really big business in one way or the other. As well, it keeps some people pre-occupied.

Plus, not to insult anyone here...but, I do believe that we go on to another stage after we die. I do not believe in a literal heaven and hell as it is put forth to us through writings. What I think is that we might very well have a 'conscienceness' that is eternal.
Someone once said, that we should be glad that we were born...because we are then eternal---even when life here on earth expires of our physical self we are 'around'!

I think that after we die (our ashes to ashes thingy)...yes, maybe a thousand years (or so, or whenever) those ashes will be (again) chosen to receive the 'force' to become human again. Hit or miss.
To me this is the bibles way of letting us know that the dead will rise again. Not all of them, but...hit or miss.

I don't really see the bible they way many of you do, I guess! There is so much symbology. This 'Christ' will come again when there will be a new earth again. He/it comes whenever there is a new world. I guess the design of the bible is so that we don't kill ourselves too soon! Therefore the truth is hidden. The truth you say?
Yes, no one knows GOD!!! The most we can do is marvel at the things we see and wonder how, and how come this and how come that!

But I will say this for the me it says, 'hey folks, let's get on with getting along with each other, and respecting this place called earth that gives us EVERYTHING!!!!

So as for the crop cirles...No, I do not believe they are messages from evil entities or some creature from another planet. Nor do I think the angels are sending us messages. I don't think these highly evolved (if there are) persons, angels, gods, or souls are into this stuff. Why should they be?
They would be just like man on earth...full of nonsense and game playing.
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