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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

I figure a major nuke war might put the northern hemisphere in a nuclear winter for awhile.. Chile (Patagonia) has got a very long coastline, and a wide range of latitude.. And I've read that NWO money people are buying up huge tracts of it. Perhaps it a safety net to cling to after they have destroyed civilization.

Perhaps I will sail down that direction. I better do it soon before they put us all in lockdown.

BvL.. I still think it's the old divide and conquer thing.. I suspect that Bush/Blair/Sharon axis.. is all part of the overall plan for World Government.. It looks like a rift between the powers of Fascism and those of Communism, but it's just the Right Vs. Left thing where both sides are part of the overall strategy for dominance.
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