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Default Re: ABC news starts vitamin scare

We are living in a fast food society, everything is accesible and disposable and we want it NOW!

The food that we eat is chemically processed, months old, cloned, waxed, preserved. Now more than ever we need to seek alternatives such as supplements or even better, organic.

By eating organic we also save the small farmers, the local produce and can hope to bring down the new world order that is Tesco. :-D

Foods SHOULD be seasonal, that's the way nature intended it. It's not normal or natural to be able to eat Strawberries all year round.

Interesting article you have there about the Chinese. I've part studied Chinese Medicine and the 5-element theory. This breaks us all down to each of the 5 elements (1 more than the other 4, which can alter due to health, age etc). Certain foods are reccommended for each of these groups and we were taught which foods these individuals should avoid or have in moderation.

St. Johns Wort is a bigger seller than Prozac in Germany yet Brussels is wanting to stage a clampdown on ALL vitamin supplements and ban the stronger ones, such as B12 1000mg. This will affect Europe and in turn will make us rely on the big drug manufacturers.

Obesity is at an all time high, this generation is already ruined.
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