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Default Re: ABC news starts vitamin scare

Banning Vitamin & Mineral Supplements ??? - :-o :-o :-o

It’s a shame that we live in the world we live in. Everything is turned backwards from where it should be. Man & his greed to have it all & share none perturbs & perverts everything. Most things that are sold to us as truths are anything, but true. The thing is that human nature makes many people trust authority & those that supposedly have certain “credentials.” But things are so corrupted nowadays that nothing is what it seems, or what you think it is. Unfortunately you have to do your own research, read, & then make up your own mind as to what you want to believe, & where you want to put your trust. Man has demonstrated time over again that he can’t be trusted.

Like most of the unnecessary battles we are now fighting, you have to do your best to contribute somehow. There is no one person than can fight & win that battle all by themselves, & for the rest of us. Besides getting your own education in many things, including health, vitamins, minerals, exercise, diets, detoxification, fasting, about digestion, etc., you can send e-mails to your representatives & senators regarding certain bills that relate to supplements. Sometimes I do get e-mails sent to me where all I have to do is fill out my name, address, etc, & the e-mail already has a basic text you can add or modify & then send. Occasionally I get a letter back from the Congressman explaining how they agree or somehow consider your input. I now that it doesn’t seem like a heck of a lot, but if they don’t get anything at all, then they are just going to assume that nobody really cares anyway, & so they are going to go w/ whatever seems to be trendy for them to do.

One thing I always do, besides support my local health food store, by buying from their shop, is to talk to them I ask them if they have heard anything about banning supplements, or if they belong to any groups etc. I also let them know how I feel & that no one has the moral right to take away from us substances that are totally natural for the body, like vitamins, minerals, herbs, other supplements.

If you go into a boxing ring & let the other fighter punch you w/o blocking or punching back, pretty soon you are going to get knocked out. So if you want to stay up, you have to defend yourself, & punch back.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...
Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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