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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

Akbar, considering this is a conspiracy site your obvious homophobia seems to have blinded you to the conspiracy of which it is a part.

If one is to look at things like homosexuality as part of a conspiracy for population control, then one also has to consider the movement that gave borth to it, ie. sexual liberation. Tolerance to gays would not have happened if tolerance to other non-mainstream sexual practices had not been liberalised first, so homosexuality is just one of many faces of a culture which has been designed to kill off the family in many different ways. As the gay gene has been identified by science in a media fanfare, it's fairly ludicrous to refer to it as a "choice". Homosexuality has always been here, going right back to the dawn of man. 1% of people are gay, that's hardly going to have much of an effect on population control now is it. That figure will not change no matter how accepted it becomes, it's genetic. Do a google search for "gay gene".

If one is conspiracy-minded, the conspiracy to destroy the family is via homosexuality as a mechanism. On the one hand, the media is openly intolerant of them (it's the only acceptable prejudice in the West after all), which encourages parents to not accept their gay children's sexuality, but which cannot be changed owing to its genetic nature. This is where it destroys the family, not by the existence of homosexuality itself.

At the same time, the media rallies against laudable ideas like gay marriage, citing God as the reason why this conservative institution that encourages family relationships should not apply to them as it does others, preferring to encourage a lifestyle of darkrooms and STDs.

If homosexuality was the cause, then Ancient Greece would surely have fallen many years before it did.
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