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Default Re: Homosexual Reproduction

This is complete and utter codswallop that merely feeds the conspiracy to use homosexuality as a mechanism to destroy the family. Gay teen groups exist because gay teens are generally confused and have no positive role models. If they did, there would be no justification for them.

By encouraging homophobia and a climate where these kids cannot talk to their parents about something which is genetic and unchangeable (and important to them obviously), it pushes them into the hands of others and encourages the replacement of family morality with the state's.

When conservative measures are applied to gay relationships, like marriage, the sheeple do exactly what they are told to do and react against it - no consideration that if such practices were encouraged amongst the gay population (which has always been here, and is not going anywhere) then it would reduce promiscuity, STDS and ultimately strengthen the institution of the family.

Furthermore, Christian fundamentalists telling us how fags go to hell are fulfilling their NWO role very well. They are killing the church (one of the NWO's big aims) by actively demonising themselves with the preaching of hate that Jesus would never have approved of - considering he sought out prostitutes and other outcasts from society and tried to embrace them in the church, would homosexuals have been the ONLY ONES he turned his back on?
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