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Default Re: The Coming American Holocaust?

Sicko's who want to rule the world...

"North American Man/Boy Love Association

On December 17, 1994., I was watching America’s Most Wanted, when they aired a story concerning an organization called North American Man/Boy Love Association or NAMBLA. John Walsh stated “That he and the FBI has tried for years to stop NAMBLA, and that all members of NAMBLA are sexually abusing young boys.” Stephen Davis Lewis was wanted for child sexual abuse and Leyland Stevenson who has been in prison for child pornography, said in his interview, that he and all the members have sex with young boys; they go to the park, library, and such, to pick up young boys for sex and there is nothing wrong with it.”

I called NAMBLA’s phone number in New York City and a recorded message said “If you want information about NAMBLA send a stamped self addressed envelope to PO Box 174, NY, NY 10018.” I sent the request and received a pamphlet concerning NAMBLA and a membership form. In order to stop NAMBLA we needed to gather information on them. I sent a $25.00 American Express money order and became a member using an alias.

NAMBLA was featured on America’s Most Wanted again, this time they arrested Stephen Davis Lewis, he was with a 15 year old boy.

I received my membership package. It contained a NAMBLA Bulletin with hand drawings of young nude boys, and stories of men sexually abusing young boys. It also contained a list of reading material anyone can order by sending a check payable to Zymurgy Inc.” I called the New York Secretary of State to check on Zymurgy Inc., and was told they were incorporated on September 9, 1994., as a Type B Non Profit Corporation. Which means it was incorporated to “foster” and “advance greater knowledge and understanding of human sexuality” through workshops and lectures. A Type B corporation in New York is the same as an IRS 501(c)3. This means that Zymurgy Inc., is granted special privileges including discounted postal rates, sales tax exemptions, and the right to solicit tax-deductible contributions. To sum it up, we (the taxpayers) are providing support to the people who sexually abuse our children. I ordered a copy of the Articles of Incorporation on Zymurgy Inc., for a list of directors and other information. I requested from American Express a copy of the negotiated $25.00 money order and received the copy with NAMBLA’s bank account information (Apple Bank for Savings in New York City). I sent a request for the reading material, with an American Express money order, in the amount of $6.50, payable to Zymurgy Inc.

Upon reviewing the Articles of Incorporation it stated that the three directors were; Peter Melzer, an New York Teacher; Robert J Rhodes, an Veteran Administration clerk; and William Andriette, the editor of the NAMBLA Bulletin. All three are verified NAMBLA members, Melzer was suspended because of his membership. With this information I sent a letter to The New York State Department of Education (copy attached), with copies to: the Attorney General, Dennis C Vacco; the Governor, George E Pataki; and the Secretary of State, Alexandra Treadwell. After five weeks of numerous calls, there was no response. On May 30, 1995., I called again and left a message that if I didn’t receive a call by the 31st, I would contact the media. On May 31st, I called Mike Gallagher, a reporter with the New York Post and gave him the information. On June 1st, the story appeared in the paper and I received a faxed response from the New York Department of Education (copy attached). It stated they turned this over to the Attorney General to dissolve Zymurgy Inc. Also, there was a press release from the Governor’s office stating that New York would dissolve Zymurgy Inc. On June 2nd, Assistant Attorney General, Steven Hicks filed a petition to dissolve Zymurgy Inc., in New York State Supreme Court.

The following months I worked with the Assistant Attorney General to gather more information on Zymurgy Inc./NAMBLA. NAMBLA would have to answer to the court as to why Zymurgy Inc., shouldn’t be dissolved. They lied on their application for incorporating Zymurgy Inc. If they had told the truth, they would not have been accepted for non profit status.

In July, 1995., as a member of NAMBLA I received a magazine called “Gayme”. The content page stated “Gayme is currently published two times per year by Zymurgy Inc.,” “Press run for this issue: 7000.,” and “All nude models depicted herein are at least 18 years of age” That means there are 7,000 copies mailed. They also stated “Make checks payable to Zymurgy Inc. for purchase of additional magazines”. The Gayme magazine contains 15 front nude photos of boys, and these boys appear to be between the ages of 12 through 16 years. In my opinion their disclaimer was false, therefore I immediately sent a copy to the Assistant Attorney General. When they received it, their opinion was the same. Thus, they filed a Amended Petition to include the Gayme Magazine.

In August, 1995., the judge made his decision to allow Zymurgy Inc., to retain their non profit status. When I received the judge’s decision I could not believe it. I called Judge Robert D. Lippman, and asked him, “How?” “Just how could you make that decision after seeing the Gayme Magazine?” He said, “The magazine was not filed in his court.” When I contacted the Attorney General, he said that it was filed and he sent me verification. Which indicated to me that the Judge didn’t bother to look at the magazine before he made his decision. The Gayme Magazine is an example of Zymurgy’s Inc., “Education in Human Sexuality.” The Secretary of State, Dennis Vacco, in his press release stated that New York State would appeal the Judge’s decision.

I receive another NAMBLA Bulletin in November, 1995. Enclosed with the bulletin was an announcement of NAMBLA’s Victory over New York State (copy attached). I faxed this to the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of State. For the next five months the Assistant Attorney General worked on their appeal. In April, 1996., the appeal was filed.

On January 31, 1996., the New York Senate presented a bill, bill #7879, to dissolve Zymurgy Inc. Then on June 24, 1996., the Senate passed the bill and the governor of New York, George E. Pataki, signed the bill into law. This action is extraordinary, a bill just for Zymurgy Inc. I believe Zymurgy Inc.,/NAMBLA celebrated their “Victory” to soon.

On July 11, 1996., Governor George E Pataki, directed the Secretary of State Alexandra Treadwell, to accept and file a copy of a new law, 7879 (copy attached), as a certificate of dissolution for Zymurgy Inc., forthwith. Zymurgy Inc., is no longer a charity or corporation.

I sent Senator William Larkin, one of the senators who initiated the bill, a copy of the Gayme Magazine, with confidence that child pornography charges will be filed against Peter Melzer, Robert J Rhodes and William Andriette. If we work together we can make a difference, this is proof.

On November 14, 1996, the Attorney General of New York won their appeal against Zymurgy Inc./NAMBLA. The Appellate Court overturned Judge Robert D. Lippmann’s decision, and dissolved Zymurgy Inc. Zymurgy Inc. was dissolved twice once by a new law and once by the Appellate Court. Now the Attorney General will do discovery, which will include the accountability of the money that was collected in the name of Zymurgy Inc., and if they find that NAMBLA used any of the charity money from Zymurgy Inc., for NAMBLA’s operation then that will constitute charity fraud. I know that the State of New York will prosecute the three main NAMBLA people.

I received the copy of the negotiated American Express money order payable to Zymurgy Inc., the bank is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Now that Zymurgy, Inc., is not a non profit corporation, all their assets will be confiscated by New York State and the Attorney General has a bank account for their audit.

Facts About NAMBLA

* NAMBLA members think that it is their right to have sex with boys
* NAMBLA members think that they are loving the boys and not hurting them
* NAMBLA members are a very serious threat to boys everywhere
* NAMBLA instructs their members on how to sexually abuse boys and get away with it
* NAMBLA member, Peter Melzer is a teacher at the Bronx High School of Science in NY
* NAMBLA members try and pass themselves off as gay, they are not, they are pedophiles
* NAMBLA was incorporated as Zymurgy, a non profit, in Delaware and Massachusetts
* NAMBLA members will sexually abuse your boys if given the chance
* NAMBLA members are located in the United States and other parts of the world
* NAMBLA members work very hard at hiding who they really are
* NAMBLA thinks that they are protected by the Constitution, their talk is, their actions are not
* NAMBLA members find boys to sexually abuse at the park, the library, gamerooms and anywhere boys will be


Judge Robert Lippmann's Decision Allowing Zymurgy/NAMBLA to keep Nonprofit Status
New York Senate Writes Bill to Dissolve Zymurgy, Governor Signs into Law
New York State Appellate Court Decision to Reverse Orders by Lippmann
New York Newspaper Articles and Press Releases

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