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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

I don't know if the pop icons are mind-controlled...but I do believe that once they have started to make their millions and have tasted the limelight...they were asked to 'come in'!

And all was explained to them. What was explained??? That they are all part of what makes things happen. Follow me??

Example: now teen gals don't mind having a dead beat boyfriend (and vice versa of course) because Britney Spears does!!!

Yes, the Britney SPears, the Jessica Simpsons and all the others are the ones that put out an image or situation and put their seal of approval on it.

I read in one of the threads here:

"good is the new bad, BAD IS THE NEW GOOD!!"

These famous icons make millions even while they are sleeping because they are the ones that steer our young into the wrong direction. Today more than ever with all the hype about 'all that you can be' (remember that one?) why is it that our world is full of low mentalities? Drudgery?

What's with the scrubbiness? The characters of people today is very questionable. Do they not know that they are following a control, not just some trend??? I'll answer my own question: No they don't know they are being controlled...they are blinded by these peoples fame and fortune and admiration. Am I right??

So these pops are the deceivers, con artists, tempters, satanists so to speak. And they are part of the dumbing down of our society.

Can you imagine if there were a Hitler now? One that can do whatever he wants??

I don't even want to think about it!
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