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Default New Babylon the world capital?

Found this interesting its the last part of this page.

Not being realized by the American people themselves are the intentions of their Military Leaders to transfer the American seat of government from North America, after the destruction of some of their largest cities, to Iraq in their quest for the establishment of what they are calling the ‘New Babylon’, and from which their plans call for this being the new capital of the world.

To the staggering size of the new capital of Babylon being built by these Americans the world eyes in utter amazement but the American people still fail to see the full implications of, and of which we can read as reported by the Australian News Service in their article titled "Baghdad anger at Bush's undiplomatic palace", and which says:

"The question puzzles and enrages a city: how is it that the Americans cannot keep the electricity running in Baghdad for more than a couple of hours a day, yet still manage to build the biggest embassy on earth? Irritation grows as residents deprived of air conditioning and running water three years after the US-led invasion watch the massive US embassy they call "George W's palace" rising from the banks of the Tigris.

In the pavement cafes, people moan that the structure is bigger than anything Saddam Hussein built. They are not impressed by the architects' claims that it will be visible from space and cover an area larger than Vatican City.

"The design of the compound is supposed to be a secret, but you cannot hide the concrete contours of the 21 buildings that are taking shape. Looming over the skyline, the embassy has the distinction of being the only big US building project in Iraq that is on time and within budget. In a week when Washington revealed a startling list of missed deadlines and overspending on building projects, Congress was told the bill for the embassy was $US592million ($772million).

The heavily guarded 42ha site - which will have a 3m-thick perimeter wall - has hundreds of workers swarming on scaffolding. Locals are bitter that the Kuwaiti contractor has employed only foreign staff."

To the Iraqi people the design of this palace may indeed be a secret, but to those in the knowing of symbols, the pentagon shaped walls of this compound, with the roads within it being shaped as in a pentagram, and with the 21 buildings being formed as a swastika when viewed from space, the knowledge of the dark intent of this new capitol of the world is both fully known and understood.

But like the German people living under the Nazi Regime, and not knowing that their leaders were devout followers of the Dark Religion, the American people will likewise soon awaken to the catastrophic horror of what they have truly become….but, and again, like the German people before them, their awakening will be into a nightmare.

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I had suspected something like this might be the way Babylon would rise again. Anyone else hear anything similar?

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