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Default Vampires: Fact or Fiction?

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Sean Manchester. He asserts that he is an ordained Catholic priest in a special division called the order of the exorcist, and as well, consequently, a vampire hunter. I don't know how much veracity there is in all of that, but basically, his whole spin on the vampire--a worldwide myth if we aren't too strict in our definition--is that instead of the creature being synonymous with some fiction we might have seen written in the Romantic period--or something we might read in Anne Rice--he likened it to a form of demonic possession that occurs at the time of death.

Here is a link to his web page, if you're interested; be warned, it's cheesy.

I'll be the first to admit, the stories don't seem to contain much verisimilitude, in my opinion anyway. But I do think that there may be room in some already accepted ecclesiastical canons for his theory as to the nature of the vampire.

What do you think? Could vampires exist by this definition? Or could they exist by any other definition, for that matter?

I am posting this because, at the least, I think it's an interesting conversation topic and hope that someone else might as well. I've always wanted to talk about what, if any, truth there may be to the stories about vampires, and it has never been a subject that, I, anyway, could bring up over dinner.

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