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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

I've always suspected a high degree of social engineering in sitcoms and other products and venues of the entertainment industry.
One example: Harvey Stephens played Damien in the original The Omen, a movie releasecd in 1976 about a child who grows up as the Antichrist.
I was a teen when I saw this movie, and I remember one scene in which Damien was at a party. He was surrounded by pretty girls with intense looks in their eyes. Now to a kid, this would indicate that evil is sexy, attractive, virulent, etc., and that being "good" or pro-God is a turn-off, impotent, etc. This is the clear message put forth in the movie.
But what you don't see are the girls who stay away from Damien because they sense he is evil; there are people who are smart enough to see trouble coming.
This is how to fight social programming in the media: keep using your left brain - keep thinking through to a reality-based conclusion instead of just what is put before you.

As for Michael J. 8-) , he is reputed to be a product of trauma-based mind control; whether public or privately funded is anyone's guess ( Quite frankly I find it easy to believe.
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