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Default Re: the dialectic in media... or should I say devil?

I mean the NWO could have censored or shut down the internet why haven't they?
Are they letting bits and pieces of this info slip out for their own nefarious reasons?
Protocols and the the Red Symphony interrogation clearly state that all of the lower level flunies in this vast conspiracy will no longer be needed once the big NWO takeover occurs.
At which point they must be elminated by my reasoning, since they represent too big a threat to the new One World Government.
Are we being "primed" for this eventuality, by permitting a certain amount of incriminating, semi-secret material to accrue against these individuals? So that when the NWO wants to offer them up as scapegoats, everyone will jump on board and think the real bad guys are being eliminated?
Sorry, I can't state it any plainer than that.
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