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Default Re: Vampires: Fact or Fiction?

That's an interesting take, Bouncer. It certainly seems possible that someone could be drugged and directed in a weakened state by several different influences. I wonder though, would those people, if alive, be vampires?

Vampires--every time I write the word, I begin to unconsciously cringe and dismiss the idea as a cross-cultural chimera, even though in light of a somewhat revised definition (or more traditional one depending on your perspective) their existence seams at least feasible.

I wonder, does anyone else do the same? Could it be part of a larger conspiracy? Is it not at least conspicuous that a variant of this legend can be found just about anywhere you look? Yet, most anyone you suggest the possibility of its existence to will automatically generate a slide response.

I don't know if anyone here puts any stock in the Annanaki myth, but maybe the concept of vampires can be tethered to a spiritual ingression by either these serpent people or demons.

Further, I wonder if the Annanaki and certain orthodox religions' definition of a demon are different names for the same thing. The physical characteristics and particularity to blood seem like a common theme.

Anyway, here is a short, three-page transcript of a conversation with Sean Manchester where he, more clearly, speaks to what a vampire might or might not be, in his opinion:
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