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Mahmoud letter to Bush: Analysis

Mahmoud is serious about CRUSHING the OLD WORLD ORDER, he's a very intelligent person, a devout Muslim, where he's making a crucial ERROR,is getting into any NEGOTIATIONS with the ZIONIST CARTEL, You don't deal with the Devil! regardless of what DEAL is made, they the ZIONIST will get their BLOODTHIRSTY GREATER ISRAEL TERRITORY (IRAQ,IRAN,SYRIA,LEBANON,EGYPT).
The only hope is that Mahmoud allies with the greater arab region, however the zionist control most Arab states already, WW3 coming your way or not?
Then Again

Then Again I have my suspicions, FURTHER investigation of Mahmoud's background must be made. Q's that need answers.
1.Is Mahmoud a Masonic Muslim?
2.Is the NWO behind this CHARADE?
3.Is this all a PRETEXT for WW3?

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