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Default Re: O'Connor Forecasts Dictatorship

Torchlithill, whenever you get a URL, like the second one you posted, that for some reason does not work as intended (it looks like the “comas” are breaking up the “parsing” done by the site’s HTML interpreter somewhere), you have to either use the 1st button to the right of “MESSAGE: & right above “SIZE” in the “ClubConspiracy’s” “post-editor” or, you can directly use the following construct,

[url = http: // link ] Link's Title or Name [ / url ]

Make sure you remove the spaces first. Leave the word “url” there & replace the “http: // link” (w/o spaces) w the “hyperlink” that you want the user to “go to”, & then replace the “Link’s Title or Name” part w/ either the same exact “hyperlink” or “link”, or give it some name, like the Title of the article for that web page.

You can experiment & test what you just entered by hitting the "Preview" button. If it works, then you know you entered everything right. You can always cut & paste the entire “link” into a “Wordpad” session to avoid “Word” to mess it up while you are entering it. Then you cut & paste it from Worldpad back into “Word” (if that’s what you are using).

Notice that there are square brackets “[ ]” around some parts of that expression. These are used by the “ClubConspiracy’s” “post-editor”. HTML has it’s own tags, such as “< a href = link" Title " / a >” which might accomplish the same thing (again w/o the spaces), but you have to “Check” the “Enable html tags” option at the bottom of the “ClubConspiracy’s” “post-editor” at the bottom of the “editor’s” page on the “lower left hand” & right below the “editing text” box. When this option is “enabled”, what it does is, it allows for you to use “standard HTML” constructs, & it is going to “interpret” them for you. Otherwise, it is just going to ignore them.

Here is the link you entered & fixed so that it works.,,1729656,00.html

Remember that “all spaces” must be removed, including the not so obvious ones, such as when you press the "Enter" key to cause what’s called a “carriage return – line feed”.

If you want to see what it actually looks like, & even “cut & paste” it into your “text area” you can hit the "Quote" button (after you signon as a user for editing) & get it from the “text window area”.
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