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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

John, I would love to share your optimism about these events, I really, really would, but at best I must temper it.
First, Svali and other Illuminati defectors have detailed that exit plans for the ruling elites has already been factored into the scheming for America's destruction and NWO takeover:

But a lot of the current U.S. leadership will be in Europe when the change occurs, and many have homes there. They will be "changing nationalities" overnight, as it were.
Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy

The second part about Feith is somewhat more sanguine to consider. It has been obvious that Cheney and others in the Bush administration have been alarmed by Israeli security leaks in recent months, and investigations have even been ordered. I find this intriguing, since there was no compulsion on the part of the administration to investigate the covert details emerging about 9/11. Therefore I can only conclude that Bush and the neocons knew about 9/11 in advance, maybe were even in on the planning. Perhaps they were sucked into a larger Illuminati conspiracy with the promise of American hegemony and control of the Middle East. Now that they are hopelessly bogged down in Iraq, they are beginning to smell the rat. This could be a positive development if they react appropriately, withdraw from Iraq, lick their wounds and patch up the floundering Ameican economy as best they know how, maybe even addressing the perpetual debt machine generated by the Federal Reserve. Since that hasn't happened yet (just this blatantly superficial plan to spike the stock market temporarily by privatizing Social Security), I still have to fear the second scenario: That Bushco will decide to go hellbent for leather and push on with the original plan to concquer all of the Middle Eastern oil-producing countries. At this point, that can only be accomplished with weapons of mass destruction (ironic, eh, based on our rationale for beng in Iraq?), triggering a deadly retaliation from the rest of the world.
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