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Default Re: Land Of The Puppet People


Your questions are valid, in a sense nothing could be more valid than they.

1) Satan rules the world ?
Yes, he does, meaning that he is given wide amplitude of power and action. In the Bible, he tells Jesus he was given all the kingdoms of the world, and he could give them to any person he wanted. Jesus didn't challenge that.


- The Earth was made for mankind, not for Satan. Adam's disobedience caused the loss of power to Satan.
- Satan has to act under the limits that God has given him. The story of Job and the way Satan had to ask for permission to do his tricks shows that.
- Because of that, much of Satan's power comes from his influencing the minds of already crooked people.
So, it is Satan + evil in people that work together.
- When Jesus ressurected, He broke the almost total power of Satan. Believers in Jesus have lots of power against Satan.

2) Is Eve totally responsible for Adams sin?

Of course not, Adam chose to follow Eve. In a sense, Adam was more responsible, because it was after he sinned that the couple was expelled from Eden.

3) Why we have to go thru that ?

Probably because of the matter of free will. Autonomous, free creatures must have the ability to choose evil. Also, this is a very good lesson for our need of God. Remember that this is a lesson for eternity.

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