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Default Re: Daily Thoughts - The Positive Energy File


"Schematically, the cross is a geometrical figure consisting of
two lines – one vertical and one horizontal – intersecting at
right angles. Among a number of other interpretations, we can
see in it a representation of the human being, a synthesis of
two principles: masculine (the vertical: spirit and intellect)
and feminine (the horizontal: soul and heart). The union of
these two principles produces movement. In effect, thought and
feeling together give birth to movement, to an act.
And when we set the cross in motion, it creates a circle, the
sun, and the more intense the movement, the more luminous the
sun. The sun thus reunites the two principles; it is the cross
in motion. As you can see, the cross is a profound symbol and an
inexhaustible subject of study. "

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
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