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Default Re: Critisizm, Complaints, and Disagreements Post Here.

redrat11 wrote:
I Had Planned to Buy a Pair of Levi's

I have'nt owned a pair in some time now, I guess not now forever! this just AWAKENED me to what else is DAMM CHIPPED? shoes, shirts, sunglasses,cellphones,bikes,cars,tires,watches,
belts,money,creditcards,possibly even some certain FOOD ITEMS you digested? wringling about inside your body. :-(
Someone once told me that before we fear God and the afterlife, we should keep in mind the horrible judging that will come upon us by no other than man. Look at how they are creeping into our most private of private: clothing and personal items chips!

They want to know how much I buy, what I buy, when I buy, am I buying too much, am I over-spending, am I keeping a savings account, how much I eat, how many times a day I take a shit.

This is exactly what the judging is all about!

They will control how much of anything we will be able to buy. They will decide for us whether we need an extra this or that! And, if we need an extra this or that, they will then punish us in some way to teach us a lesson about economics, savings, thriftiness, and such. Until WE get it right...according to them.

Think I'm joking? You will eat only when hungry. But for now, they want you to eat eat eat, spend our money, use our credit cards, buy on credit what we truly cannot afford to pay back in a decent amount of time. Because they know/plan that once they have their fill of wealth and power, and WE are under their control...all they will do is sit back and play! WITH US!!!!!!

They will watch us shuttle about working for THEM!

Yes, maybe my generation will get away with this time in history. I'm 53. But I tell you, I can recall the words of my deceased parents who came to this country having to have some money on them...not just come here without! They had to learn English, they had to be skilled in something! They were part of the immigrants from 1950-1952 who were sponsored by the USA, under certain conditions!!! As stated above! NOTHING was handed to them!!!! And here I am, born and raised and schooled in this country. And ya know what???? I'm still waiting for the piece of the pie! What my parents came to this country being taken away from me.

What did I do wrong?
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