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Default EMP's

Another poster had the video Electro Magnetic Warfare posted up so I thought we would all have a real discussion of this. I have made posts about EMP's before hand on other sites and have talked about them a great deal with other people and would like to discuss them further here. EMP weapons This is one of my posts I made on a website back in 3/7/2003 because I knew the weapon was about to be used on Iraq and I made it out so that I myself would not be scrutinized and thrown in jail for Whistle Blowing the matter. Shortly after the bomb was used on Iraq but I waited to post a follow up EMP WEAPONS even though the article that I posted was posted 3-26-2003 I waited longer to post about it. I also mentioned the LRAD in those two posts without truely incriminating myself for prosecution as a disc shaped weapon that could have the same effect as a concussion grenade at level 1 settings. Here is a follow up I did explaining LRAD much later. LRAD

Now after watching that one video I would like to have a discussion about Military weapons.

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