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Default Re: 9/11 - One Insurance Company's Story

You ought to do a full writing on the Carlyle group because that will give you even more answers and the people here more. I would put one down myself but thats all this post is missing. You mention Citigroup of course and yes if you check Forbes they have like 1.5 trillion in assets but what no one really talks about is how its run by the Carlyle group. As if Carlyle is its own entity and does not actually even exist. Put in some things about former Secretaries of Defense changing policies while in the White House to directly benifit Carlyle and other people who did the same thing in influential political positions to basically influence war policies to benifit Carlyle as well as IMF packages that where used to conquer foreign banks and you will have a downright compelling read that I think Alex Jones would even want to announce on his Radio Show even if they would shoot him in the head for it.
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