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"Initiatic philosophy can be summarized in these words: know,
desire, dare and be silent. This can be interpreted in several
ways. To ?know' is to be able to discern clearly where the good
lies. Next, to ?desire' this good is to aspire to it. Then, to
?dare' is to commit ourselves, to immerse ourselves in this work
for the good. Lastly, to ?be silent' means neither to tell
everyone about our good resolutions nor to reveal the nature of
the work we have decided to undertake.

There is truly nothing more difficult than the realization of
this ideal. Some have the desire but do not dare. Others dare
but have no discernment, and so on. You must therefore begin by
reconciling these three factors: your thought (to know), your
desire (to wish) and your will (to dare). When you have
succeeded in this and are acting on it, be silent and your work
will speak for itself. It will be so obvious and so alive, there
will be nothing to add!"

Omraam MikhaŰl A´vanhov
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