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Default Re: Free must see online documentary

That is actually one of the Main problems of why nothing will ever be done about 9/11. Why America will forever be duped. If Americans where to ever do anything about 9/11 they would first have to realize that there where no Terrorists. That any information that is put out there is only there to give substance to something that did not exist in the first place. The connecting the dots type of theory of blaming intelligence failures is supposed to subvert the person into thinking that the terrorists actually existed and that there was knowledge of them. If only we could of prevented them. It is to keep them from wondering why the planes flown into the towers had no Windows for instance and wasn't a commercial Jet Airliner. It is to keep you thinking that there was a terrorist attack staged by al-Quaida and that the towers where not brought down by the demolitions they had planted in the towers. It is the same effect of the Michael Moore Movie. To picture the President on Vactation. Doing that in that movie was planed. Moore purposely avoided the real 9/11 issues because in his own words it would be unamerican to expose the truth of 9/11. See that movie was supposed to just make Bush look like an unwitting fool. It succeeds in making the nation duped into thinking that Bush was just not at the helm and on Vacation and had really nothing to do with anything.

Until people accept the fact that the Cell Phone Calls where fake and that there where no terrorists and therefore no terrorist plot, nothing will be done about 9/11. If people continue to believe that a terrorist plot from al-Quaida brought down those towers and that there was intelligence there that could of prevented this horrible trajedy,the non-existant plot, then we will forever be stuck with the cognitive dissonance that is plaguing us now.
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